May 27, 2016

LEDE DD for Orange LiveBox 2.1 Arcadyan ARV7519RW22

I started moving and testing LEDE (aka OpenWRT Reboot) as soon as it was announced.

So I started testing some Lantiq routers, one of them is ARV7519RW22.

While ARV7519RW22 is a quite capable router, I started building firmwares for front-facing routers with just the essentials while enabling hardening options at compile time.

This builds have:
* Stack-Smashing Protection enabled (strong)
* Buffer-overflows detection enabled (aggressive)
* RELRO protection enabled (full)
* a few security tweaks here and there
* FPU Emulation enabled
* Dnsmasq with full support (DNSSec)
* Dnscrypt
* LuCi (English & Spanish)
* LuCi QoS
* Curl
* Wifi drivers for Wifi USB dongles (only those supporting N mode: kmod-ath9k-htc, kmod-brcmfmac, kmod-carl9170, kmod-mt7601u, kmod-rt2800-usb, kmod-rtl8192cu)


  • r412 (May-26-2016)


  1. hello. did this firmware support the XWAY WAVE 300 chip?

  2. Not yet and I don't think any time soon