Feb 13, 2016

OpenWrt 15.05 for NuCom R5010UNv2

I had two NuCom R5010UNv2 routers laying around for a year, I never had enough time to port OpenWrt to them until a few weeks ago.

I had it almost ready when I stumbled around Danitool patch in Trunk. So, the wise thing to do is just backport it to OpenWrt 15.05 (Chaos Calmer).

These commands would suffice to apply the patch and rebuild it yourself

git clone git://git.openwrt.org/15.05/openwrt.git
cd openwrt
git apply nucom06.gitdiff

The weird thing I noticed is one of the two routers gave me a ton of SquashFS read/write errors. I spent many hours trying to figure out the issue until I stumbled around this forum post. It was the CFE (bootloader). I replaced it with Danitool's newer CFE build and everything worked afterwards.

I compiled many revisions and here I share the last one I made.

Built from OpenWrt 15.05 r48666 (Feb 8, 2016) with the following:

  • Hardening options turned on mainly:
    • GCC format-security
    • Regular User+Kernel space Stack-Smashing Protection
    • Aggressive buffer-overflows detection
    • Full RELRO protection
    • Regular Stack Protector buffer overflow detection
  • LuCi with SSL support
  • Full 3G/4G usb modems support
  • WiFi N capable usb dongle support (Atheros/Ralink/Broadcom/Realtek)
  • Samba / Transmission (torrent) / Vsftpd-tls
  • QoS / VnStat / WonderShaper / DDNS / RelayD
  • OpenVPN / SSH Tunnel
  • Ext4 / FAT32 / NTFS 3g support + utilities
  • Dnsmasq with full support (DHCPv6 / DNSSec / Autho DNS / IPSet) + DNSCrypt
  • Richer Busybox
  • TCPDump / NMAP / NCat / cURL / wget all with SSL support
  • picocom + X/Y/Z-modem support + USB FTDI support
  • iperf / iftop / tmux
  • some tweaks in /etc/rc.local to harden TCP/IP stack
Most of the resource hungry services (Samba/Transmission/etc..) come disabled by default. Re-enabling them is easy when needed.

  • OpenWrt 15.05 r48666 with everything mentioned above.
  • OpenWrt 15.05 r48666 with everything mentioned above except that it comes with LuCi instead of LuCi-SSL.
  • OpenWrt 15.05 r48666 with 3G/4G support + RelayD + OpenVPN + VnStat + QoS + wShaper + DDNS.

Keep on hacking ;-)


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  2. Hi, thanks for this excelent work. I have a R5000UN v1, could be posible to used a openwrt firmware as well?