Mar 1, 2015

Flashing Yacom Arcadyan ARV4518PW with OpenWRT 14.07 / 12.09

Arcadyan ARV4518PW Router also known as SMC-7908-ISP is one of the few routers with Lantiq SoC capable of connecting to the Internet with their integrated xDSL modem.

There are guides and HowTos explaining how to flash this router with OpenWRT. A UART USB-to-TTL cable is a must to flashing.

Here is a recap for all the steps.
1. backup your routers original firmware and wifi calibaration data.
2. flash the bootloader u-boot.
3. from u-boot, we will issue commands to download and install OpenWRT into the flash.


1. Backup your router's firmware & WiFi calibration data

You will need a Serial Communication software like Putty, CuteCom or Screen installed on Linux.

Then need to get BrnDumper from here. (Works reliably on a 32bits Linux)

Connect your UART cable.

Open Terminal and issue:

screen /dev/ttyUSB0 115200

Power up your router

when text starts showing up on Terminal, hit spacebar 3 times

then hit  !  and quit  screen

now open another Terminal Tab/Window and run brndumper as follow:

sudo ./brndumper --port=/dev/ttyUSB0

and do a full dump and a Wifi calib data dump.
from  $b0000000  to  $b0400000 -> full dump
from  $b03F0000  to  $b0400000 -> wifi calib data dump

it's going to take approx 30mins.

2. flash the bootloader u-boot

when it finishes, power off the router. Start CuteCom or a Serial Comm software capable of sending files using XModem and change its Input Mode to "No Line End".

Power on the router. When the text starts showing up hit spacebar 3 times then hit respectively:


Then send u-boot file via XModem

When it's done restart the router

3. Installing OpenWRT from u-boot

Install a TFTP Server. Download either of these OpenWRT images, rename it to ARV4518PW-squashfs.image and put it into tftp folder.

Note: these images are custom compiled and patched to fix Wifi on 12.09 and let them fit well on the 4MB of flash while having extra drivers (USB2, Ext4, USB Storage) and still have enough free space to do other things.

Connect a network cable to the router, set a static ip like, i.e:

ifconfig eth0 netmask up

the ip address came from the output values of  printenv  which you can issue from CuteCom.

From CuteCom issue:

setenv kernel_addr 0xb0020000


run update_openwrt

when it finish, issue:




  1. Thanks for the tutorial.

    In another page I've seen a different kernel_addr

    setenv kernel_addr 0xb0030000

    Why is this?

    Also, can you point me to a ebay/amazon product page for the USB to serial converter needed?


  2. hy, is it possible oem installation?

  3. i m verry angry thats not working :d

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